news - PT Cakrawala Asia Cargo

2008 - 2011

Doing some projects on spot basis.

Formatting the company's legal.



Establishment achieved and starting the company.

The journey begin, start to receive the order with the new establishment on domestics shipment.

July 2012 Awarded the project cargo from PT JA Wattie, one plant of Rubber Processing Mills, delivering from Bengkulu to Batibati-Liang Anggang, Banjarmasin.

December 2012 Awarded the cargo from PT Yanmar Indonesia to sent Hand Tractor and its accessories to all destination to Indonesia. 



Feb 2013 Awarded the contract from PT.Hexing Indonesia, delivering almost 1 million pieces of their products all around Indonesia.

June 2013 Awarded the spot order from PT Jembo Cable Company Tbk to carry their various product to East Indonesia.

July 2013 Awarded the contract from PT. Citra Sanxing Indonesia, delivering of their Kwh Meter to East Indonesia.

August 2013 Happy Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1434 Hijriah. May Allah swt bless us all. 

September 2013 Testing of CRM (Customer Relation Management) system

October 2013 Tasyakur with some of orphanage closed to our office at Bekasi. 

November 2013 Registering the company to a national-wide LPSE, registered frame at BNPB, BASARNAS and KPDT. 

December 2013 Become a member of regional KADIN and GAFEKSI-INFA



Jan - Apr 2014  continuing business serving for PT Hexing and PT Sanxing

Feb 2014  Awarded the contract from PT Servindo, delivering electricity panel to various remote areas in Indonesia.

               The company has done the first RUPS which resulted to amend the shareholders positions. 

May 2014 Awarded the contract from YANMAR Indonesia, delivering hand tractors to 65 municipals region in Indonesia.

               Awarded the contract from HAKA, delivering material for a Sugar Factory at Dompu, Sumba, NTT

June 2014 Company 1st Family Gathering at Bogor Nirwana Resort - The Jungle

July 2014 Awarded the contract from PT Kayu Polimer Indonesia to handle transportation and logistics of 24,000 cbm polimer woods and exports. 

Aug 2014 Awarded the contract from CV K-Mom Indonesia to handle logistics and transport of medicines and kids apparels.


2014 - 2015 Business Plan

A. Air Feeder Services

By having the joint agreement with one of particular and dedicated air services liner, we start to open the feeder services in July 2015 onward, mainly for cargo destinate to Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, Papua New Guinea and Maldives. The next step that PT Cakrawala Asia Cargo shall be the main agent for cargo consolidator for this air feeder company. 

B. Government Related Services

To cater the business needs and adequate service level agreement with government / e-proc based procurement, we had registered our company to LPSE and ready to serves the competition of forwarding services, ie. Basarnas, BNPB and PDT. 

C. Audit Plan

To commensurate with the company's goals of being a good corporate governance and as well as to strive the discipline of being local but internationally known company and also to start to grow the company, we will conducted the yearly audit, starts from its 1st year in January 2015 onward. The first audit conducted is being place to oversee the company's direction and to review current operation and management style.

D.  Manpower Development

In order to serves the client in a better shape, we will begin to certifying our people with an updated Skills and Know How in Customs and Excise issues. The training shall begin in February 2015. 

E. Company Certification

Acknowledging the future company to be eligible playing in the area of Oil and Gas, the company shall starts to certifying with ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. 

2016  Business Plan

We shall continuing the progress on 2015's onward.